Connecting Farmers with Future Technology

XPLANET is a subsidiary company founded by XAG in 2013, which provides plant protection service. The prime goal of XPLANET is to help Chinese farmers apply UAS precision spray technology in fields. Since founded, XPLANET has been providing precise, efficient and cost-effective plant protection service to more than 1.2 million farmers.

Providing the Best Plant Protection Service

Our comprehensive plant protection service has gained recognitions from both farmers and local authorities. We continuously work on advanced crop management solutions, including applications of UAS, robots and Digital Farming tools to help farmers preserve natural resources while achieving maximum agricultural efficiency.

Serving Local Farms in A Bigger Scale

XPLANET has 3 major operation centres in China. Each operation centre is capable of providing aerial plant protection spraying service to farms, make sure our UAS work smoothly within 500km around the base, serving crops ranging from wheat, cotton, rice, canola, vegetables, to vineyards and orchards. Operation centres also provide operators with training courses, UAS spare parts and after-sale service.

Scientifically tested with 230+ plants

Protecting crops in 1,000,000+ hectares of farmland

Work with Top Research Organisations for Sustainability

XPLANET collaborates with top universities and international precision farming research institutes. Findings are helping us to develop better solutions beneficial for both farmers and our planet.